Monologue Omar Saadoune’s First Solo Exhibition in Macau

As Omar Saadoune’s first solo exhibition in Macau, Monologue will showcase a selection of Saadoune’s finest work from 23rd June to 26th August, the opening of the exhibition will be held in the Blanc Art Gallery.

from the National Institute of Fine Arts in Tetouan, Omar Saadoune has always been passionate about art, and especially interested in the physical form of arts. His paintings are bold and appealing; the combination of arcs and lines form the basic structure of most of his work, colours are then dripped painted onto the canvas, creating an unspeakable tension. In his work “Human”, a human skull was used as the center subject with paint dripped all over. The skull resembles the humanity and society, the vibrant complex splashes and spots mirrors the cosmopolitan society, both the good and the bad. However, it is precisely due to the diversity that is been offered by the society, humanity is often neglected. Saadoune suggests that the cosmopolitan society is built on the humanity of the society. Without the substantial base, colours will not be able to be built on the canvas, just as society would not be able to be truly successful.

The artist challenges the boundary of the traditional visual art, through painting, multimedia work, film and live performance, Saadoune is constantly touching on the pressing matter in the society – the oppressed humanity, the conflicts and the future direction of humanity. Every painting is like a solo performance of the artist, conveying his idea through the lively images; Provoking the viewers, giving them a strong and refreshing visual impact; powerfully detailed and soothing, inviting the viewers to see through his eyes. His works are filled with the primitive power of the natural African art; Unpretentious yet profound with his powerful individual voice.


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